Mendoza Solar Pavilion

amherst, MA

Pavilion that holds a photovoltaic array in a client's backyard in Amherst, MA.

Frame is White Oak, milled in New Salem, MA, with naturally curved Cherry knee braces from a tree chosen for the sweep of it's branches.

Pegs are Black Locust.

Benches are White Oak slabs with live edge.

The frame is coated in Heritage Finish Exterior Oil - a very mild, plant-based preservative product that has added UV protection and mildecides.

  • Timber Frame designed, cut, and erected by Ironwood Timberworks.
  • T. Briggs Carpentry - general contracting and collaboration on execution
  • Dry-laid stone floor by Sonam's Stonewalls.
  • PV Squared - photovoltaic array installation